How to help?! Come visit Uganda with us! We welcome you to engage in our volunteer activity and learn how we assist Ugandan communities. Please fill out and submit the form below if you would like to join us and discover more about the work we offer.


My name is Desange Kuenihira. I am an inspirational speaker, Model, advocate, and Founder. I run a non-profit organization called unDEfeated. With unDEfeated, we work with Women and youth in Uganda.

I am a former refugee from DRC who grew up in Uganda. My journey as a refugee has been interesting. I do not think I could have learned as much as I know now if I had not become a refugee. I did not choose to become a refugee, but I accepted it and embraced it. It is my story.

I go around Utah and other states sharing my story. I am a refugee from DRC who grew up in Uganda. I am very passionate about helping women and youth.

I speak at all events but my main focus is on inspiring all kinds of people. I speak at church groups, schools, and graduations. etc.

Interested in us speaking at your Event, church group, or school, reach out to our Instagram: @speakundefeated



We believe education is the key to success. Providing education for underprivileged youth with extreme financial hardship in Uganda in furthering their education endeavors. We will also support single mothers to operate their businesses to support their families and use these educational resources to help their community progress. I want to help Uganda since it is a poor country with an emerging economy with significant educational disparity between men and women.

unDEfeated is a registered 501(C)(3)